转移招生 转移招生
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Step 1: 应用 for free to with the 常见的应用程序 using the fee waiver code: Transfer24 or apply for free with the Saint Mary's College application


步骤2: Upload Your Unofficial Transcripts via the Saint Mary's applicant status page or send your official transcript to smcadmit@scarlettpussy.com. For admissions review purposes we can use the unofficial transcripts, however once admitted an official transcript will be required. Additional Documents: Letter of Recommendation (not required but encouraged), SAT或ACT成绩(可选).


Step 3: Check Back on Your Application Status
Within about 48 hours of submitting your application, you’ll receive an email to log in to your status page



  • 研究生d from high school, or completed the equivalent
  • A 2.0 or higher academic college GPA

While no minimum credits are needed to transfer, if you have fewer than 23 transferable academic semester units or 34 transferable academic quarter units, we may need to review your Official Final High School transcript or equivalent documents to consider you for admission.

Guaranteed Transfer Admission Program

Guarantee your admissions to Saint Mary's College by meeting these requirements:

  • Complete 23 UC transferable semester or 34 quarter units
  • A cumulative academic GPA of 2.50 calculated by Saint Mary’s College
  • Good standing with your current institution
  • 学业平均绩点3.00 and above to receive a merit scholarship

Associate Degree for Transfer Pathways

We also have 27 unique Associate Degree for Transfer Pathways. These are designed for college students graduating with an Associate in Arts for Transfer (AA-T) or an Associate in Science for Transfer (AS-T) from a California community college and want to complete their degree at a four-year institution.

Learn More 关于 our Associate Degree for Transfer Pathways


Courses that are transferable to the University of California (UC) system from California community colleges or other accredited schools are usually accepted at Saint Mary's.

Transferrable Courses Requirements:

  • Must be completed with a letter mark of C-or higher (rather than Pass, Satisfactory, or Credit).
  • May not be remedial subjects, vocational fields/courses, and non-academic courses. Note: Non-academic courses will not be considered during the time of admission, but once a student is admitted, these courses will be deemed acceptable transfer credits.

Maximum Transferrable Courses:

  • A maximum of 64 lower-division–semester units or 95 lower division-quarter units are transferable to Saint Mary's.







Meet your transfer admissions representative.

If you're an incoming Saint Mary's transfer student, your admissions representative is Craig Means, MA '02; he can help with any questions you may have during the process.

电话: 925-631-4226
电子邮件: cmeans@scarlettpussy.com

Veterans/Post 9-11 GI BILL® Benefits

We’re committed to providing our veteran students and their dependents access to all the benefits they’re eligible for (in addition to other financial aid options, 包括联邦, 状态, 以及机构资助, 贷款, 和奖学金).

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